The Old Brewery
The Old Brewery- 724 North Fifth Avenue

Old Central Brewery

The Central Brewery was built in 1860, by German brewer John Adam Volz. The structure is load bearing masonry construction with some walls up to eighteen inches thick.  There are brick vaults under the parking lot which were used to age the beer.

Renovated in 1978 by John Hollowell a Landscape Architect and Builder.  The Central Brewery now features 8 apartments. Each apartment comes with its own furnace, water heater, electrical service, parking space, and bike storage. Additionally, the building has a public laundry room and storage space for each apartment in the basement.

Several of the apartments have large skylights, exposed brick walls , fire places and original wood floors.  Bathrooms are finished in ceramic tile with mosaic tile details.  We have taken care to make the apartments work as well as possible by moving walls when necessary.  We have owned the building for over thirty five years and continually make improvements.

Recent improvements include a new roof and skylights, Mini spit heat pumps and central a/c. Ikea Kitchens in some units, a bike building and dishwashers in most apartments.  The building has exterior light fixtures from 1890 that at one time were on Belle Isle in Detroit.

The halls have security doors.   Residents in the building are quiet professionals and graduate students.  The entry courtyard has bristo tables and chairs, brick pavement and cast iron fencing.







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